What is Graphic Recording?

Graphic recording is a method of capturing and clarifying the thinking of a group during a talk or presentation. A graphic recorder sits to one side and captures key points, utilising a mix of cartoons, graphics and text during a the course of the event. As people explain and discuss ideas, essential points are literally illustrated in real time providing a powerful tool to reinforce these ideas, strengthen involvement and help the participants memorise the core information.

A graphic recorder does not lead an event, and would not normally interact with the group, rather they enhance and support the individual giving the talk.

Where would you use Graphic Recording?

Graphic recording can be used to enhance meetings or conferences/events, anywhere a powerpoint presentation might be appropriate.

How am I different?

Conventionally graphic recording is done with large boards, metres wide, using marker pens, with ‘Scribes’ drawing against the boards. I have taken a step forward with technology. I use an iPad and work directly to a digital format. This allows me to export hi-res jpgs to be printed at any scale, directed online, or sent direct to attendees’ mobile devices.

All I require is a flat surface, power source and internet connection.

If you like the sound of this contact me at ken@coolereye.com


Examples of Graphic Recording